Out of the Mouth of a Husband

“You’re such a perv sometimes.”“Are you making a hair doll?”“Go for your walk, cause I’m afraid you’re going to hurt me.”“This apartment is an insect petting zoo.”“If only you hoarded trash, then you’d be the total package.” “Don’t worry, your baby maker is still good f

Whats His is Mine

What’s Dans is mine.  Lets be clear. Dan is totally gonna be a bazillionaire one day, but I didn’t marry him for his money, because he didn’t have any. I think he spent it all on our honeymoon and our humongous TV that takes up an entire wall.  Actualllllly, because my

Don’t Leave Your Kids With Uncle Dan

This weekend we went to CT. We had a nice time of visiting with family and enjoying the nice weather. We all sat on our MAC’s and had a LAN party, I ate my body weight in cookies and then burned like million calories off at their club house in 10 minutes. It was impressive, the