Project Nursery

The little project I have been working on has been a nusery. No, not my own. It’s for my church. Though, at least 3 rumors were started when people found out I was helping re-do the church nursery. I was asked to help out because I went to school for interior design, not

Owl Always Love You

I posted yesterday about a little top secret project I’m working on, which is actually not that top secret, I’m just being dramatic. Anyway, this project requires some art on the walls. Not just any art, child-like art. I searched online for some cute little animals and

Extreme Makeover

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. I’ve been absorbed in a very special project at the moment. What is it? Well, you’ll have to wait and see but it’s going to be an extreme makeover for sure. For this project I needed some frames. I have a few already but I wanted a