A Letter To My Infertile Self

Dear Hopeless, I’m writing this to you while you find yourself in the trenches of infertility.  I’m not putting the date on this, which is going to make you mad. More mad than the negative pregnancy test you slam dunked into the trash can this morning, but then dug

I Support My Husbands Side Chicks

We’ve had chickens now for about a year and a half and a lot has changed from my first ever chicken post, “Picking Up Chicks and Other Manly Things” which you can read here.

Memorable Boss Moments

I think every dog lover who has owned multiple dogs throughout their lives, can tell you about that one dog, the best dog they ever had. For us, Boss was that dog. It didn’t matter that we had him for such a short time, we knew even from a puppy he was special. I wrote on here

More Than I Could Ask Or Imagine

When trying for a baby, I think most women have given some thought about how they would tell their husband the news. On Pinterest, there are a lot of creative ideas women have chosen, from cards, onesies, or even putting an actual bun in their kitchen oven. If I put a bun in our

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I had just dressed up our newly rescued dog in a taco costume(because, the whole family suffers when you can’t have a baby) to take him to an event down the road from us. Everyone kept calling him a hot dog, which makes me wonder what kind of weird brown hot

Count it All Joy

Pt.2 During the waiting period to find out if IVF had worked, I had a rough time. To me, it felt like everything I ever wanted was riding on the phone call we would get in a few days after my blood test. There were no frozen embryos, no back up, this was it. Dan suggested we go

Why We Didn’t Tell You We Did IVF

(Until now) Pt 1. When my sister-in-law was visiting us in July, we were talking about how annoying it is that on facebook, most of what’s on our feeds now, is friends of friends posts. If I’m friends with you, I’m probably interested in what you post, but not what your

Not Everyone You Meet On the Internet Wants to Murder You

A few years back when I was in Boston with Dan on one of his business trips, one of his coworkers who was also acting as our tour guide pointed to a hotel. “And that’s where the craigslist killer, killed one of his victims.” We all felt totally creeped out, and we all though

The Blog Post I Never Thought I’d Write

First of all, Thank you so much for your congratulations and sharing our joy with us. You have no idea how much it means to us. Many of you don’t know just how hard a road it has been to finally be able to say, we are expecting. Because the truth is, this isn’t the

On Our 6th Anniversary My True Love Gave to Me

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since I became Grace Cristo. And apparently it is for other people too, because whenever I tell someone I’ve just met, I’ve been married that long, they look at me like I was some kind of child bride. Sometimes its