December 2016

Every Year Can Be YOUR Year

“This is gonna be MY year!” Have you ever rolled out of bed on January 1st, shook the confetti out of your hair and said that? Only to have second thoughts when the toast you burned for breakfast slid off your plate and fell topping side down.

Said The Little Lamb To The Shepherd Boy

My calendar still says August. And I think that says a lot about who I am as a person. It might also explain why I finally thought I got my act together after almost 8 years of marriage and sent out our very first Christmas card this year and then promptly ran out of them. As I

Farm Boy, Fetch Me The Sheep Feed

Whenever I tell people we moved from apartment living in New Jersey to a 17 acre farmstead in rural Va, they all say something like, “Wow! Surely this must have been some life long dream of yours to live on a farm?” And I always feel kinda bad when I say, “No, actuall