April 2016


Do you remember in the movie Elf when someone mentions Santa and Buddy the elf exclaims, “SANTA! I KNOW HIM!” That’s how I feel when I hear about someone going through infertility. Even If I don’t personally know them, still in my head I think,  “OH SISTA! I KNOW YOU!” I kn

Home Is Where The Goat Is

When you collect trash, it’s called hoarding. When you collect animals, it’s called farming. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. How you can wake up one morning goatless and by the end of the day you are turning into a crazy goat lady. I told Dan I didn’t want a dairy goat just

Lucky Number Seven

There’s a town not too far from us that we’ve been to, since before we moved here. We actually spent our 5th Anniversary there at a Bed and Breakfast with Dans dad in the next room over. Hows that for romance? Surely not more romantic than the time we spent Valentine’s day

Your Fanny Pack Is Showing

I’ll never make a bucket list. I know myself better than that. I’ve said to Dan, “I’m gonna clean our bedroom tomorrow,” for like eight weeks straight.  How depressing would it be at the end of my life when I go to see all the things I’ve accomplished, but I can’t find the list