May 2014

Memorable House Hunting Moments: Virginia

The one where we met the homeowners, and their teenage kids, and their teenage kids girlfriends, and their teenage kids girlfriends baby-who they called, “Booger Snot.” We also met their 7 barking dogs. We walked away thinking those Virginians were a lit-tul trash-y.

Memorable House Hunting Moments: New Jersey

Our first house hunting experience was back in 2011, here in Jersey. We thought we’d see 3 houses, narrow it down to the best, meet for drinks at a local restaurant and sign the contract. That’s how it works on House Hunters, right? Needless to say, that didn’t happen. So here

The Estate of Grace

Well guys, we’ve been keeping a secret for the past few weeks. We bought a house, in VIRGINIA! I know it might seem like this came out of nowhere, but we’ve been planning to move out of New Jersey for years, we just finally stopped talking about it and did it. As much as I have