April 2012

Marriage Tip

In March we went to a wedding. Instead of a guest book, the bride and groom decided to set up a station where the guests could write…well anything. Predict the future, give well wishes, or marriage advice to the newlyweds. I love that stuff, mainly because it can be

Dissed By A 3 Year Old

There’s a family that lives down the street from us and I occasionally watch their kids. Occasionally being the key word because I don’t think the kids like me very much. Actually I know they don’t because they’ve told me. Man, you hide one plastic sword from a kid because he was

Back When Babies Were Allowed To Get Married…

Seriously, who let this just old enough to drink, not able to rent a car for another 4 more years get married? Apparently her parents did. But that’s because they knew how great a guy Dan is. That, and they were sick of her clothes on the bathroom floor and all the other things

The Grace of Christmas Past

I was going through my phone and deleting old notes I wrote to myself. I found this list… -Caps -Pile of dirt -Socks on bed -Clothes thrown on floor -Age is just a number -Me eating fast Past Grace is telling future Grace something…but WHAT?!