January 2012

Don’t Talk To Me Like You Have Ovaries

To read part 1 of this story, go HERE I knew I didn’t really cry wolf, I knew something had happened that day. I’d occasionally still get really sharp pains on my right side, so I knew things probably weren’t right. And  I knew at the time I should have gotten it checked

Day 10. Juice Fast Recap

Almost dying the first day. And my dying wish was for a steak with a side of fries, and ice cream, and chocolate covered oreos. Putting the food in the juicer, its so fun! Except when cranberries fly out of the machine and hit you in the face sometimes. Husband decided to drink

Day 9. Could This Really Be Working?

Juicing(not the steroid kind) So it’s 9 day of my juice fast! I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve because I get to actually eat solid food tomorrow! I know what you’re thinking, this is was a 10 day juice fast. Why would I get to eat anything tomorrow? Well, because I actually

Day 8. Every Shot Needs A Chaser

This is not the kind of shot you want to do out of anyone’s belly button. Actually, it’s probably the equivalent of doing a shot out of an 85 year olds belly button. note: I’m not be dramatic. The “green drinks” are by far the worst part about this fast. They’re also the

Day 5. The Pink Drink

I’m hallllfwaaaaay there, ohhhhhhwhoaaa. Today was the first day I woke up and actually felt good. It’s definitely not cupcakes and sunshine yet, like some people say it will be after you get past the “hard part”. And I still wanted to steal the sandwich out of my moms hand today

Day 4. I Cheated

I went to Wholefoods today. Observation: It is filled with rich people. The ones that don’t look rich are the ones running errands for the rich people. I clearly stood out as a errand runner. Especially because I realized after I got home, that one of my boots I was wearing was

Day 3. I’m so ov this

I wasn’t going to blog every day about this juice fast thing, but since I had a number of people who really wanted to know how it was going, I decided to give the people what they want! Today was worse for me than yesterday. I think yesterday seemed so good because Monday was SO

Day 2. Just Add Splenda

Last night I was seriously considering quitting my juice fast. At one point I really thought I was going to throw up the juice I had just drank and that would have pissed me off if I did, cause it’s a lot of work and it’s expensive! It’s pretty crazy about 24 hours ago I

Day 1. Can I Quit?

Hey guys, you totally just missed it. There was this crazy wife lying on the floor of our apartment moaning about how awful she feels because she decided to only drink juice for the next 10 days. It went something like this… Crazy Wife: I think I’m dying, call 911 Da

Fat, Sick and Migraines in My Head

Last September, we had a family vacation to Cape Cod. The first night we were there, we had a family movie night and the movie of choice was a documentary called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I have always loved documentaries, so I was pumped. One day I plan on making my own