December 2011

Weekend Recap

Checking into the hotel and being asked, “Are two double beds ok?” Actually no. It’s not ok. You see, I don’t think its healthy for my husband and I to sleep in separate beds and its not healthy for us to sleep in 1 small bed. I can’t fall asleep if hes on my side and sometimes

Make Me a Sandwich

PMS Grace made an appearance today and it looked a lot like this…and he didn’t even ask me to make him food. Note: No husbands were hurt during todays temper tantrums.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Back in 2005 I was in the kitchen of a college dorm eating cookie dough. A totally normal sight to all three of the girls I lived with. Finding me in my jammie jams eating some kind of dough, brownie mix, pancake batter etc. was not unusual. You think I’m kidding? Sadly, I’m not.