October 2011

Hobo Chic

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed. I didn’t shower. I didn’t put on make-up. I didn’t brush my hair and I didn’t change out of what I slept in. Why bother, I’d be spending the day in the woods that has ticks and dirt and rivers and ponds I’d be walking through. My poor mama

Out of the Mouth of a Husband

“You’re such a perv sometimes.”“Are you making a hair doll?”“Go for your walk, cause I’m afraid you’re going to hurt me.”“This apartment is an insect petting zoo.”“If only you hoarded trash, then you’d be the total package.” “Don’t worry, your baby maker is still good f

What I Know About SEO

You might be wondering what the heck I know about SEO. Well, not much. After Dan and I started dating, people used to ask me what my boyfriend did. I didn’t really know, probably because when Dan was talking about stuff like “link building” I wasn’t actually listening, I was too

Family Dinner Turns Ugly

Note: Don’t bother reading if you have a weak stomach. This post is filled with all kinds of grossness.  Dan and I, my brother Jon and his fiance Joy thought it would be fun to go over my parents house for a nice family dinner. Little did we know things would get ugly.