September 2011

Weekend Recap

On Friday morning, I woke up with shooting pains in my stomach. I couldn’t even walk, so I thought maybe it was my appendix cause apparently you don’t even need that thing and it decides to explode in you sometimes. Dr. Husband wanted to take me to the Hospital, but unless I was

Vacation Highlights

Borrowing a shirt, socks and toothbrush from hubby. Apparently that guy is a better packer than me. Going to “take your wife to work day” with Dan. Yes I made that up, but it should be a real holiday complete with ice cream and cake. Being offered one of the CEO’s offices to sit

Whats His is Mine

What’s Dans is mine.  Lets be clear. Dan is totally gonna be a bazillionaire one day, but I didn’t marry him for his money, because he didn’t have any. I think he spent it all on our honeymoon and our humongous TV that takes up an entire wall.  Actualllllly, because my