August 2011

My Hurricane Rescue Plan

As hurricane Irene hit, I found myself and a few others stranded with the water rising. We were trying to build a raft, looking for higher ground, coming up with different strategies etc. This little girl came up to me and said, “I’m grumpy.” I didn’t blame her, because s

The Ultimatum: Puppy vs. Baby

Last week I posted on Twitter that I was giving Dan an Ultimatum. A puppy or a baby. Though, it wasn’t a real ultimatum because we can’t have dogs in our apartment. One of his co-workers responded and said we should go for the baby. One of his sisters responded saying a puppy is

Empty Nest

This past Saturday my younger brother went back to college in North Carolina leaving my parents with an empty nest for the first time ever. Within 2-1/2 years they had to say goodbye to their 3 kids and dog of 13 years. They were really sad about all of us leaving, turns out,

How To Fry Your Brains Out

The past few weeks I’ve been on a Documentary kick. What I’ve learned…  Solitary confinement makes you nuts. So lets take the worst prisoners who had the worst behavior to land themselves in there in the first place, lock them up for a few years and then release

We Eat In Silence

When you see a couple eating dinner in silence, most assume they must be unhappy with one another or it’s a really awkward first date. Sat next to one of those in NYC. It was like my own private reality show.

Dreams Do Come True

When I was about 12 years old, I discovered Breyers chips choy ice cream. It was my absolute favorite ice cream and my dad used to come home from the grocery store with it for me. That continued for about a year or so, until one day, it wasn’t available anymore. I looked in other