July 2011

Project Nursery

The little project I have been working on has been a nusery. No, not my own. It’s for my church. Though, at least 3 rumors were started when people found out I was helping re-do the church nursery. I was asked to help out because I went to school for interior design, not

Living With Triberr

I’m guest posting over at husbands business blog. Check it out!  

Owl Always Love You

I posted yesterday about a little top secret project I’m working on, which is actually not that top secret, I’m just being dramatic. Anyway, this project requires some art on the walls. Not just any art, child-like art. I searched online for some cute little animals and

Extreme Makeover

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. I’ve been absorbed in a very special project at the moment. What is it? Well, you’ll have to wait and see but it’s going to be an extreme makeover for sure. For this project I needed some frames. I have a few already but I wanted a

Don’t Leave Your Kids With Uncle Dan

This weekend we went to CT. We had a nice time of visiting with family and enjoying the nice weather. We all sat on our MAC’s and had a LAN party, I ate my body weight in cookies and then burned like million calories off at their club house in 10 minutes. It was impressive, the

Handicapped Shmandicapped

We have limited parking spaces in our apartment complex. If we come home past 9:00, the lot is full except for the handicap spot on most occasions. I always wanted to park there, but decided “handicap parking spot stealer” was not a label I wanted to put on myself.

How Many Shirtless Men Does It Take to Tip A Canoe?

Man#1 “Let’s see how many of us can fit in a small canoe, shirtless.” Man #2,#3,#4,#5 all think this is a GREAT idea.  Men jump in bay filled with icky things. And their feet probably touched the bottom too. Gross. And so began the challenge: How many shirtless men can fit

Bon Voyage

My plans this past weekend included sunning myself on a mini yot and then watching fire works from the same mini yot with good friends. 8 of us set sail late afternoon on Saturday. I felt like a young Ben Affect from the Voyage of the Mimi. Id like to thank my 5th grade science